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THE METALLURGIST – Metallurgical news

The scientific-technological  periodical THE METALLURGIST –  Metallurgical news, published since 1929 is currently the only  scientific-technological periodical in Poland which publishes the articles on  metallurgy of steel with limited international range. Both university specialists  and industry specialists publish and read various papers in this periodical.  Among the publications there are both ones connected with basic research as  well as application research. The topic range of the published papers refers to  all areas of metallurgy of iron apart from technology of casting  iron. Scientific and research articles or  problem-overview articles are describing the following areas of science:  metallurgy of steel, blast-furnace practice, plastic working, metal science and  heat treatment, metallurgical analytics and metallurgical waste management as well  as protection of natural environment. Various results of research projects are also  published, such as results of analyses and optimisation of metallurgical  processes, their computerisation, automation and introduction of robots, modern  materials and energy-efficient technologies. There are also studies connected  with current problems of restructuring of Polish steel industry and  rationalisation of employment.  Moreover, we publish  papers presenting the problems connected with introduction of quality systems,  environmental management systems and occupational safety and health in  metallurgical enterprises. Most of the articles published in the Metallurgist  present the results of scientific and research works, experiments and  implementations conducted on Polish universities, departmental  scientific-research institutes and metallurgical enterprises, including the  results of the research projects financed by the Ministry of  Science and Higher Education (own research, statutory  tests, individual and group projects as well as target projects). A lot of them  later contain elements of doctoral and habilitation theses. Publications in THE METALLURGIST – Metallurgical news  are important points in the scientific output of many Polish specialists in the  field of metallurgy. In each number of the Metallurgist there are also news  connected with scientific conferences, seminars, symposiums, trade fairs, publishing novelties, inventions and improvements in metallurgy, ceremonies of  defence of doctoral and habilitation theses as well as descriptions of  activities of scientific circles and commissions of  Polish Association of Metallurgical Engineers  and Technicians (in Polish: SITPH- Stowarzyszenie Inżynierów i Techników  Przemysłu Hutniczego w Polsce).

The periodical THE METALLURGIST – Metallurgical news is  connected to the international system of scientific information led by American  Society for Metals. Summaries of articles published in THE METALLURGIST are published in Metals Abstracts and  Referativnym Zhurnale  Metallurgija, and from the field of metallurgical analytics also in Chemical Abstracts and Analytical Abstracts.  Chosen articles from THE METALLURGIST – Metallurgical news  are translated by BISRA into the English language. It helps to popularise the  achievements of Polish scientists and engineers. Many outstanding Polish  specialists in the field of metallurgy of steel unanimously underline that the  content-related level of the papers published in the Metallurgist is close to papers from the same topic range published in other renowned foreign  periodicals. In  1992, the Metallurgist was joined by a technical monthly magazine Metallurgical news. This decision of  connecting the two titles was justified by ordering and systematising of  situation on the market of trade magazines for specialists in our country and  by shape of the unambiguous topic profile. Our periodical, as in previous  years we will systematically increase the number of published articles in  English, both to increase the number of quotes in specialised databases and due  to the fact that the periodical  THE METALLURGIST – Metallurgical news  plans to apply for an inscription on the ISI Master Journal List.

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