Procedure of reviewing articles in
THE METALLURGIST – Metallurgical news

  1. After the scientific article is qualified as consistent with the profile of the periodical, the Editor-in-Chief makes the choice of the Reviewer from the authorities (scientists) in a given field. However, the chosen Reviewer with a title of Professor or Doctor of Philosophy (with Polish habilitation) must guarantee:
  • independence of opinion,
  • lack of a clash of interests, which is particularly lack of any personal or professional relationships with the Author of the article,
  • maintenance of confidentiality regarding the content-related issues of the materials as well as opinions on them.
  1. After the choice of the Reviewer, the Editor-in-Chief sends a written offer to him in which he attaches the description or summary of the article qualified for the review, defining at the same time the required range of the review and the deadline of its completion.
  2. After the offer is accepted by the Reviewer, the Editorial Office sends him or her the full text of the article which is to be reviewed together with a form of the review which is required in this Editorial Office.
  3. The Reviewer may conduct the review for a fee (on the basis of the contract for specific work) or free of charge. In case of the first review (for a fee) together with the text of the article for review and the form of review the Office sends a tax form which is filled by the Reviewer, who writes in the number of the account on which the fee for the task should be paid.
  4. Personal data of the Reviewer is secret and may become public only on request of the Author and after the Reviewer agrees to that in case of a negative review or when the article includes elements which are disputable. Once a year the Editorial Office publishes in periodical a full list of Reviewers with whom it co-operates.
  5. The Reviewer sends the completed review in electronic form to the e-mail address of the Editorial Office (given in the form of the review). After the review is received the Secretary of the Editorial Office:
  • informs the Author about its arrival (only in case of a review which does not require corrections or necessity to introduce only some small changes of editorial character),
  • sends the review which includes critical remarks to the Author who corrects the mistakes and in case of  remarks he or she disagrees with – prepares an answer to the review,
  • sends the article to the Reviewer again after the corrections were done by the Author and if the Reviewer states there is a necessity to review again.
  1. The final decision to print the scientific article is made by Editorial Office on the basis of analysis of remarks included in the review and the final version of the article sent by the Author.
  2. In case of disqualifying review of an article, the Editor-in-Chief may decide to turn down the paper or to send the article to a different Reviewer.
  3. The final version of the article, after paging and formatting, is sent to the Author for him or her to make the author’s proofreading.
  4. After the completion of the review process of author’s material the Publishing House pays the remuneration if it was earlier agreed by both sides.
  5. Texts of non-scientific character do not require reviewing and are qualified to be printed directly by the Editor-in-Chief.

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